How to use Original Theatre Online

How to Buy


How to buy:

For paid and free content you will need to register to Original Theatre Online here or if you already have an account please login here.

If you can't remember your password please reset here.

Once logged in you can find the show you wish to watch/purchase here and select the production you wish to purchase.

My log in won't work:

Video pages require a user to be a logged in and have purchased the video. 

If you have an account and cannot log in please request to reset your password using the password reset option here.

This will then send an email and gives you a link valid for 60mins so you can create a new password.  

Don't forget to check that pesky spam folder if you can't find your email 

How to watch:

You can watch on any device with an internet connection and browser. Find our information about best browsers to use here.

To do this please enter the URL ( into the browser, then enter the details you have been given above.

  • The email address you have signed up with
  • Password

You will then see your dashboard which will include the purchased video which you can watch from here.

How long can I watch for, can I watch it more than once?

Yes you can watch the show as many times as you like until the end of the streaming.

Please note with live streaming it can only be watch once and you must watch live on the night through your dashboard.

Live Streams:

These are live performances and must be watched at the time you have booked for.

You will not need any email link. 

To watch, simply log in to your account and visit your dashboard before the show starts.  

We strongly advice that all bookers tune in 30 minutes before the start time to test your device/internet connection.

We also advice testing any device you wish to watch on.

How to watch on my TV?

We also advice testing any device you wish to watch on with our free documentary of HOME MADE here.

How do I watch on my Smart TV? 

You will need to have already paid and set up an account via the link above on your computer/phone/ipad first

PLEASE NOTE - We can not guarantee the compatibility with all smart TV browsers as they can vary hugely dependant on manufacturer and quality of browser app. 

  • Smart TV or Firestick - via the internet browser app visit ( into the browser, then enter the details you have been given above.
  • The email address you have signed up with
  • Password

You will then see your dashboard which will include the purchased videos which you can watch from here.

Video Playback Compatability Details

Please see here for extra information regarding compatability. 

Are subtitles available?

Yes, there are English subtitles available on all productions. For our live streams you will need to book for the specific CAPTIONED performance. 

My payment won’t go through.

Please make sure you have filled in all of the information boxes and make sure you have selected and completed the method of payment you wish to use.

If you have made a mistake you do need to refresh the page or try on a new browser.

If you are still having issues contact us at [email protected]

Can I watch the show outside of the UK?

Yes, all shows can be watched worldwide. 

Can I purchase more than one access?

If you would like to purhcase a show for someone else you can just gift it to them as below:

Simply log in (or register) to your Original Theatre Online account and decide which production you want to gift to that special someone.

Click on ‘Purchase now’ or ‘Pre-order now’ depending on the production and go through to the purchase page.

You will see at the bottom of the form that you can tick ‘Is this purchase a gift?’. Then you enter the recipients email address, complete the purchase and voila, you have given the gift of theatre!

Your recipient will then receive an email letting them know you sent the gift and creating an account for them to watch the show.

Can I book a group ticket?

Yes we have a variety of options for schools and groups, do get in touch at [email protected]

Is it possible to purchase gift tokens? 

Unfortunately this is not currently possible. You can, however, opt to gift a production to another recipient email address. Simply select the gifting option when purchasing (please note you will need an account yourself in order to gift)

I want to purchase a gift for someone. Is there a way I can do this and it be delayed in sending?

Unfortunately, gifts purchased have to be sent by our system immediately, therefore it is not possible to do this. The best way to send a Christmas Day gift would be to make the purchase on the day itself, to be sent to the recipients email address. 

I am gifting this production as a secret/want to be anonymous. Is there a way I can purchase this without the system giving away who got it for them? 

Yes, there is a way to do this. When you send a gift it uses your account name, so if you temporarily change that name to ’Secret Santa’ or ‘Annonymous’ in your account settings, then that is the name that will appear on the gift email to your desired recipient. Please note you can still use your full name for the payment process. 

I have made a purchase for a gift for someone and they haven’t received anything.

Please ask your recipient to check their spam/junk folder, as it may have gone into there. If not, please let us know so we can investigate further. 

I still have questions or issues.

Contact us at [email protected]