Day Fourteen

Posted: 2020-05-31 12:00:00


31st May

Day 2 of filming, another beautiful and sunny day outside, inside across the UK our motley team of actors were dissembling themselves into period khaki and putting on a lot of specially sent dirt and preparing to stand in front of their home-made film studios in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Tim’s girlfriend was repeatedly caught doing his job for him as she bestrode ladders to continually help fix his green screen to the wall- all in the name of getting this online show on the road.

After a morning filming a series of shorter scenes, Charlotte took the directors clapper board on recording the complicated ‘letters home’ section. James who will be in this scene as a soldier had come straight from his daily exercising and hence was not in his uniform which is in the kitchen. He conducted the scene singing and counting in the actors so that their dialogue is timed perfectly with the song which he sings.

It is head bending stuff. It’s also emotional and not easy to do take after take for. Max’s character is in tears throughout as a young lad missing his Mum. That isn’t easy to do over and over. I arrived into the filming room in time to see the final few takes and it was looking great- a lot now has to happen to unstitch all the constituent elements and then patch back together with James singing to camera and his separate music track and then Dom’s sound design. But we think, we hope (and pray), we got this tricky scene ‘in the can’. Well done team.