Day Thirteen

Posted: 2020-05-30 12:00:00


30th May

We gathered at 10:30am, perhaps a little apprehensively, Charlotte confessed to the me that she felt nervous. Max appeared in full WWI uniform with a rifle (which had been delivered moments before by James (Musical Director and Gun Courier) and stood in front of his green screen (ironed beautifully by Max’s girlfriend). He was joined moments later by Tom - who had forgotten to put on his uniform but who had shaved over night and suddenly looked neat, trim and almost the model major general.

After some more ironing out of the last minute technical creases we jumped into the cold water and pressed record. On the plus side I did enjoy playing the role of film director and getting to say ‘action’ and calling out the scenes as we went through a very short scene between young Private Tipper and Lt. Stephen Wraysford. The scene was over before it began and after a few short takes we were joined by a frazzled Tim who had had zoom related issues of an unspecified variety.

He was huffing and puffing as he battled with everything from his green screen to his phone to his mac. Yet once we got to press record he managed to start doing some actual acting and was of course rather good- as was Tom and miraculously so was the technology which came to together really rather well. Uploads of the scenes were pinging their way into the magic of online cloud filing and Tristan our editor and Dom our sound designer were able to sign off on the takes and say they were largely ‘technically clean’

We finished the day back with Max for another short scene and somewhat miraculously managed to film everything and stay on schedule. Almost too good to be true.

The evening was then spent in our newly called ‘Goose and Gopher public house with Birdsong friend old and new. Friday drinks at the end of a week in rehearsal or after a show are all part of the fabric for many working in theatre, or indeed any job, it completes the social side and balances out the hard graft on the other side. We tried manfully and it was all very jolly, but there is no getting around the fact that even a low key social engagement is fraught with stress and complications. Lots of people stay silent, some talk too much, my internet broke down and threw everyone out of the pub and then like a particularly punctilious door man wouldn’t let them back in. So it was a brief session, which maybe might just be for the good as we back filming tomorrow early doors.