Day Nine

Posted: 2020-05-26 12:00:00


26th May 

A bank holiday for many alas not for us. Charlotte was on the tiller in the morning and I came in and picked up the reins as the sun past the yard arm. My afternoon was spent with actors Tom and Poppy tackling a really tricky scene at the start of the second act when Stephen returns to Amiens looking for Isabelle some 7 years since he last saw her. The scene sees Stephen having to recall events from the battle of The Somme- it’s been extensively reworked and abridged for this format which in some ways is all to the good. Yet for Tom to rework his synapses and change thoughts and intentions well learned from over 100 performances in 2018 took some time. This meant for probably the first time since we started directing a scene was more about investigating the scene than about the technology. And all the better for that.

 The evening was spent with David, Charlotte, Dom, Tristan and James, my creative team as we started working out what the whole thing would look like when it came together. Todays picture shows what the meeting looked like- you can share a working copy of the script which we started going through line by line- then watching back the rehearsal scenes constantly stopping, starting and asking all sorts of questions. Discoveries included needing actors to put down black clothing on the floor when they are crawling in the tunnels scenes, chairs largely replaced with stools- so their backs are not included in shots, actors need to find a big enough space to set up their green screen with 5 feet of clearance beneath them and so on. When my house internet breaks down, James in his upstairs studio gallops down the stairs and pops up in my Zoom box. Sound Designer Dom said it’s got the making of a new modern farce.