Day Eight

Posted: 2020-05-25 12:00:00


25th May

A welcome day off yesterday. Enforced somewhat by our new Production Manager Mark who rightly pointed out that nobody should have to be working 7 days a week. Thus there was a blessed lack of news- which will be put right today as although a bank holiday - rehearsals will be continuing with a creative team meeting tonight to begin the process of ‘story boarding’ the production. This can take many forms from literally drawing out each and every shot in a rough or sometimes quite polished form- or it can be as simple as some key words ascribed to each scene.

Tonight both directors, James (music), Dom (sound), David (Designer) and Tristan (Editor) will meet for a few hours to start making some important decisions as to how the end product will actually look. So for example- what will be the first thing the audience see- do we go straight into the scene, do we have a filmic style opening sequence and how do we transition between one scene and into another. James needs to work out when he needs to be playing and also what he needs to be playing. He knows what he did on stage- but some of that music simply won’t work in this new telling. Many many questions needing quick decisions and the calmative effect of all those quick decisions add up to creating a ‘style’ for the piece.

To help us Charlotte and I now at least have a cloud file online with most of the first half in draft form- so we will be able to watch back the scenes through the magic of zoom technology and with these rough takes begin to sense a shape and ensure also that Charlotte and I are both working consistently with the actors.

Before all that this afternoon I am heading into Act 2 with actors Tom and Poppy as we start our journey towards the end of the play.

In other news- we have had to again delay the shows announcement as we continue to meet with contractual issues on the rights. Everyone working very hard to fix it, but we need clearances from major film companies and production houses most of whom are furloughed. It really is a race against time and precious time to promote the production is being lost.