Day Seven

Posted: 2020-05-24 12:00:00


24th May

It took until about 9pm last night but after days of wrangling with the Zoom software we finally think we have worked out how to film Birdsong- online. You can see the set up above. We have just ordered 13 green screens which are being sent out to actors across the UK. When they arrive we think we should be able to start filming with costumes from Thursday morning.

The scene is one that Charlotte directed yesterday afternoon- the pivotal moment before the soldiers go ‘over the top’ on the morning of July 1st 1916. It is one of the more challenging scenes in the play and made even harder when none of the actors are all at home. The scene when filmed will thus be recorded locally on the iPhone and sent by the actors to a cloud drive and also on Zoom recorded by us as a master take and back up version for Tristan our editor. Behind the The editor will add designer D’s backgrounds in post production with the actors set up recording in front of their new lap top in record Zoom mode. Actors must look at the iPhone camera lens which is now just above the lap top with all the sound recorded through iPhone on the new Rode mic which you can see on the right of the phone. Easy! So that is now the wholly theoretical plan, we now just have the simple task of putting it all into practice.