Day Six

Posted: 2020-05-23 12:00:00


23rd May

The above screenshot shows both some of what can be achieved and also the reality behind the artifice. Maddy (Madeleine Knight) and Tom (Tom Kay), playing Stephen and Isabelle can be seen in their flat bottomed boat on the river somme on a hot June day in 1910. Stephen below couldn’t make his background work so instead shows you where he is filming, which turns out to be his bedroom. He is wearing a nice boater and is busy at work punting with imaginary oar. You can also see he has pinned a bed sheet in the background- which didn’t really work at all.

You can’t help but smile- and strangely the scene works rather well- a scene we could never do on stage in the same way as lingering eye contact simply doesn’t work in the same way when the audience are 50 yards away.

Designer David  has cleverly employed a vignette style which you can used on the top two images making them seem more focussed and slightly dreamy in quality. As if you are seeing the image through someone’s eyes or the lens of a camera. It is a small detail but has a huge impact.

Without his pictures you are just an actor in a hat punting away in front of your bedroom mirror.

In other matters we now have a rights issue- which means our announcement has to be delayed. Zoom is such a new format that there is no contractual certainty as to what exactly it is. Frankly it is an opinion shared by all of us making it.

So we may be rehearsing but currently we have no way of sharing it and even if we did we now currently don’t have the rights to do so.

So it’s all going swimmingly…