Day Five

Posted: 2020-05-22 12:00:00


22nd May

On the hottest day of the year whilst sensible animals were out in their gardens topping up their sun tans. The Birdsong team were all in darkness. Literally and metaphorically. In an attempt to emulate the environment of a tunnel beneath no mans land - we were all to be found in darkness, the actors on their stomachs lying on floors in kitchens/bedrooms/lounges across the UK- pretending to crawl towards an Iphone lit by a halo of light.

Max had called in having been up all night not feeling well and so 5 minutes before the rehearsal I called on the service of an unassuming friend who soon appeared on

his sofa and within minutes was somewhat bemusedly playing a 15 year old Londoner (with a strong north east accent) experiencing the horrors of Tunnel warfare in 1916.  Being zoom he naturally fitted in immediately.

Meanwhile Charlotte was heading back to Amiens in 1910 and spent her afternoon with Tom and Maddy looking at a different set of scenes as we all got our heads around the ever increasing technical challenges that come with this brand new format.

The creative team are now in frantic late night conversations about finding another way to make the show at all. Zoom will simply not allow us to record it at a high enough definition. The experiences everyone else in the world is facing as we tackle with interrupted and variable internet and upload speeds means simply that in practice we won’t be able to produce the play/film to a reasonable standard.

But we have started now and as theatre folk we are used to thinking outside the box and never giving up. So we are doggedly marching onwards into an unknown landscape. With the new knowledge it could be a road leading to nowhere.